Craps: Know more about them and the bets you can make for the win

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For some people, control is power. They, therefore, seek to live their lives trying to control every aspect of their existence, maybe down to how their children will turn out. There is also the other extreme, however, of living in utter freedom, going with the flow and rolling with the dice. People who opt for this kind of lifestyle would surely appreciate the joys to be had from a thrilling game of craps.

The basic premise of the game is fairly simple: you put a wager on the expected result of rolling a pair of dice. The fun and excitement come in when deciding what kind of bet to make. The two most common types are the "don't pass" and the "pass line" bet. Though less popular than the second type, the "don't pass" bet is thrilling as well. With it, the player hopes to avoid a "point", i.e., any number other than a two, a three, a seven, an 11 or a 12, before hitting a seven since this would mean a loss. On the other hand, you would want a two or three because it means you come out victorious. A total of seven or 11 is also to be avoided since its spells defeat, while a 12 means you come out even by having your money returned to you.

The Pass Line in craps is the most common and is a wager on the result of a series of throws. This pays off if the first throw comes up with a seven or 11. Any other results from a seven, 11, a two, three or 12 becomes the "point." A come out roll follows the first throw in pass line, and players need to pray that their point comes out before another seven is hit so that they can claim a win. A "come bet" may also be placed after the come out throw, and, in this case, the point is identified one throw after.

The odds are better since the house edge is lower for the above-mentioned wagers, along with the come bet. Some other bets are available though, such as a bet on the next throw, or the one roll wager.

Since you now know a little more about craps, don't you want to chance it with the dice?

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