The Joy of Participating in Slots Tournaments

People who love the pokies love to win money, but some get tired of the same method of gameplay over and over and over again. Slots tournaments are a great way to take a break from the mundane and actually compete against others at the same time. These take place in many different ways, so it's important to choose the one that fits your bankroll and style. While most of these require some sort of entry fee, there are venues that make freeroll slots available, too, in an effort to bring in new business or to keep existing clientele happy.

Most of the slots tournaments that you're going to find these days will require you to pay an up-front fee. Once you've done this, you'll be provided with a set amount of money that you can spend over a period of time. Winners are determined by a leaderboard; the person who manages to win the most takes first place. The top one, three, 10 or even 25 places may receive part of the prize pool which is comprised of the fees paid by all of the participants minus the casino's rake. Even if you manage to hit a huge jackpot as you're progressing, you won't be able to keep your actual winnings. All of this is returned to the house in the end and you'll either win a part of the pool or simply lose your entry fee.

Freeroll slots work a little differently in that there is no fee required to participate and the prize pool is comprised of either an amount of chips provided by the house or something such as a set number of free spins, a lucrative deposit match offer or something else of that nature. These are often by invitation-only, so members of casinos will need to keep an eye on their inboxes for these. A great place for enjoying either one of these options is Titan Casino. Not only do they have plenty of participants and a substantial prize pool, but they also offer up some pretty decent welcome packages for newcomers and VIP programs for loyal customers.

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